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How to maintain contact lenses


Following the correct hygiene procedures is crucial to maximizing successful and safe lens wear. Most contact lenses need to be cleaned, disinfected and stored with solutions in order to provide optimal performance.

The aim of the disinfecting and cleaning solutions is to reduce the number of microorganisms and other substances found naturally in our tears that accumulate on the lenses with wear, therefore minimizing the risk of infection with contact lenses. Taking proper care of contact lenses will increase the comfort and lifetime of lenses and keep lens-wearing experience pleasant and worry-free.

Modern generation solutions are universal and designed to provide the best care for all types of soft contact lenses and colored contacts. They function as multipurpose solutions for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, removing debris and deposits, storing and soaking contact lenses.

There are many contact lens solution brands available in the market. However, they are not equally effective. Some products contain specific active substances and agents for superior cleaning, disinfecting and wetting.

Diopta offers several contact lens solution brands to choose from: Bausch+Lomb, CooperVision, Alcon, Optix, Opticus


Quickly and easily purchase contact lenses and lens maintenance solutions from the world’s most famous manufacturers..

Care systems for hard and GP contact lenses are different from care systems used with soft contact lenses. Therefore, it’s important to use solutions compatible with a particular type of contact lenses.

Contact lens care system for hard and GP contact lenses include:

  • Cleaner – removes debris and deposits from the lenses
  • Conditioner – disinfecting and storage solution

Vision, comfort and health of the eyes depend not only on proper selection of contact lenses and solutions but also on proper lens wear and care.

The following Boston care solutions (Bausch+Lomb) for hard (PMMA) and gas permeable (GP) contact lenses are available:

  • Boston Advance Cleaner removes debris and deposits from GP and PMMA lenses, leaving them clean, clear and ready for disinfection and conditioning.
  • Boston Advance Conditioning Solution coats and cushions lenses for more comfortable insertion and wear. Dual disinfecting system delivers excellent protection against harmful microorganisms.
  • Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution– Single-bottle cleaning, removing protein, rinsing, disinfecting, conditioning and storing system