Soft contact lenses

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for nearly anyone who needs vision correction and doesn't want to wear eyeglasses full time. Contact lenses carry no age restriction; adults and children can equally use them. New technologies and lens design provide quality vision at both distance and up close.

Diopta offers a wide range of contact lenses and contact lens solutions of top global manufacturers: Bausch +Lomb, Alcon, Optix, CooperVision, Opticus.

Daily, monthly, quarterly and annual replacement lenses are available as well as daily-wear and extended-wear contacts to meet vision needs and lifestyle of users.

Contact lenses offer many benefits over eyeglasses, apart from their aesthetic value:

  • better visual acuity (up to 30% compared to vision correction eyeglasses)

  • optimal vision correction, even in cases when eyes require a different prescription

  • wider field of view as there are no frames to obstruct vision

  • no fogging up, deep indents around the nose and pinching behind the ears

The right choice of contact lenses depends on many factors, including refractive errors, expectations and lifestyle of patients. There are several types of contact lenses, based on the type of lens material they are made of: soft lenses, gas permeable (GP) lenses and hard (PMMA) lenses.


Soft contact lenses are medical devices placed directly onto the cornea of the eye. They are designed to correct refractive error, change eye color or can be worn for therapeutic reasons.

Soft contact lenses are made from gel-like, water-containing plastics called hydrogels. Silicone hydrogel lenses are an advanced type of soft contact lenses that are more porous than regular hydrogel lenses and allow even more oxygen to reach the cornea. This increases comfort and maintains eye health.

Soft contact lenses can correct almost all eyesight problems including: nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), blurred vision (astigmatism), and age-related loss of close-up vision (presbyopia).

Soft contact lenses are ideal for people who have high power prescriptions and patients with different prescriptions for each eye or prescription for only one eye.


  • increased initial comfort, rapid adaptation and extended wear

  • better visual acuity, natural peripheral vision and wider field of view compared to eyeglasses

  • no fogging up, clear vision in any weather

  • conform to the curvature of the eye with less chance of dislodgement

  • easy to care for by using only one soft contact lens solution

  • excellent for sports and other physical activities

  • natural look without eyeglasses

There are different types of soft contact lenses, based on lens material, design and replacement schedule. We offer the following brands: Bausch+Lomb, CooperVision, Alcon, Optix, Opticus

Contact lenses can be worn only if eyes are healthy.

It's essential that soft contact lens users follow instructions for proper lens wear and care.

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