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Types of ophthalmic lenses


Our portfolio of corrective ophthalmic lenses includes a comprehensive listing of brand-recognized products of superior quality and craftsmanship. Mineral and all types of organic (plastic) lenses are available, as well as high hardness lens materials.We offer a wide selection of ophthalmic lenses that are lightweight as well as thin lenses suitable for children, adults, and seniors. Spherical and aspherical lenses in different sizes are also available and compatible with most eyeglass frame shapes.

We invite you to visit one of the “Diopta” stores, where top ophthalmologists will present you with ophthalmic lens options tailored to your lifestyle and needs.




Standard lenses (available in stock) are the fastest and easiest solution for dioptric correction or additional protection through treatments.


Lenses produced according to special dioptric, lens material, technology or treatment requirements. In addition to specific non stock design, this type of lenses provides additional aesthetic benefits to farsighted patients by obtaining thinner and lighter lenses.


Free-form produced lenses according to the highest standards. All physical parameters of eyeglass frame and person’s facial features are considered during lens making process. Tailored to personal lifestyle and user needs with unlimited freedom of frame choice.

OpenVision: aspheric/atoric lenses with expanded and optically clear visual field, designed for sensitive users who have difficulty to adjust to new glasses. Ensure optimal span of visual field and top-quality.

Especially suitable for making special bases (curved lenses) designed to fit in curved sports prescription eyeglass frames or sunglasses in order to provide extended visual field and reduce image distortion in the peripheral lens parts.

DigitalFree: aspheric monofocal lenses that facilitate accommodation of eyes for reading and working on a computer or using other digital devices. Designed for people aged 30-45 and an excellent solution for those who start to notice the effects of presbyopia.


Bifocal lenses are designed to address the focusing issues associated with presbyopia by incorporating two different prescriptions in a single lens. One prescription is for close reading, and the other for normal, distance vision.

Bifocal lenses are made with a defined line between the near vision prescription and the distance prescription.


Progressives are multifocal lenses worn for the correction of presbyopia. Progressives significantly improve the aesthetic appearance as there is no visible line between viewing areas. Progressives make the transition between prescriptions much smoother and users quickly adapt to the lenses. By having all vision correction needs met in one set of lenses, user day to day life will become easier, as they are not constantly having to carry around two or three different pairs of glasses.


ONYX progressives are the latest generation of progressive lenses. Their characteristics are premium lens design, superior comfort and wide field of vision.

We offer a wide range of ophthalmic lenses that are lightweight and thin, suitable for almost all eyeglass frames. Available with all protective treatments and technologies.


Types of ONYX progressive lenses:

BASIC – standard progressive lenses of conventional type, intended for everyday use. Designed to give the most comfortable distance and near vision possible with only one pair of glasses. Application of additional coatings according to visual needs and lifestyle of users is recommended.

 – progressive lenses with expanded field of near vision and wider vision channel for intermediate distances. According to user needs and preferences three types of lenses are available:

  • Universal – designed for active users, both in indoor and outdoor environments. Equally comfortable vision at near and far distances
  • Active – designed for users with a dynamic lifestyle who enjoy outdoor activities. Large field of far vision
  • Office – for people who spend a large portion of the day working on computers


PREMIUM – designed for all progressive lens users. Combine top design achieved by advanced technology with wider visual fields at all distances.


Manufacturing process includes binocular symmetry. Point by point digital software reduces peripheral distortion, and lenses are made as a unique pair with digital viewing field on both sides.


Three types of premium progressive lense are available:

  • Universal – designed for active users, both in indoor and outdoor environments. Equally comfortable vision at near and far distances
  • Active – designed for users with a dynamic lifestyle who enjoy outdoor activities. Large field of far vision
  • Lite – suitable for all everyday activities. Allow rapid adaptation due to improved soft design and thus recommended for first-time lens wearers. Combine modern design with extremely wide field of view for far and near viewing distance.


The latest anti-reflection, silk or H-Iprotecht coating is applied to Premium progressive lenses, based on user needs.


DUO VISION – new generation of progressive lenses. Progression in dioptres is distributed on both sides of the lens. Provide the feeling of expanded field of near vision. Good solution for users with special requirements.

INDIVIDUAL – progressive lenses tailored to individual user needs. Lenses are designed and fabricated in a highly personalized way by recording all parameters and using software. Provide improved and sharp vision.